"unquestionably the best cake i have ever tasted throughout my long career."

Yves Thuries, M.O.F. (meilleur ouvrier France Pastry, Confectionary)


"Here you will discover what is said to be 'the best fruitcake that exists!' "

PHILIPPE MOLLÉ, Le Montréal Gourmand

"For the lucky recipients of these artisanal treasures, it’s going to be a good Christmas."

Amie Watson, Special to National Post

* From a friend:

"Hello! First of all, thank you very much for inviting me yesterday. I enjoyed myself and seeing you in such fine form. Also, the brunch was so delicious that when supper time rolled around, I didn't have much of an appetite. However, I was not able to keep from tasting your generous gift -cake. OH! What a delightful treat I must say. Sooooooooo rich and chock- full of nuts without being too sweet. It's worlds' apart from the store bought fruitcakes we find these days.. Once again Danny, thank you and I hope to see you both soon!"

Love Aunt Suzanne xx

"I think fruitcakes evoke a very emotional reaction in people. There is always a story to be told when you talk about fruitcake with anyone.
I’m originally from Scotland – and I remember my grandmother used to make plum & fig fruitcake at Christmas every year. She would ‘hide’ a silver coin in the fruitcake and I remember I was so excited to be served a piece at Christmas…. Always hoping to be the lucky one!
I have no memory if I even liked her fruitcake – but when I think of ‘fruitcake’ I think of my nana.
Thank you"

Jane, GS Customer Service

"Hi Ken, I love the cakes and all the imagination, creativity and enthusiasm that goes into them!! Thanks so very much for all you continue to do to make this a special holiday treat for my family, my friends, and me. Happy holidays to you and best wishes for good health and much happiness in 2020!!
warm regards"